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Alarm and Access Control

Alarm and Access Control enables you to have authority over who has access to your building.

Cougar Security has a group of highly experienced Alarm and Access Control System

Technicians ready to assist you with any requirements in any situation. With an experienced design and installation team, you will have full support in making the best decision to work with your requirements.

Keeping up to date with products and working with top national and international Alarm and Access Control manufactures means you can trust the product. However, if you require something out of the ordinary their sales procurement team will obtain your request.

Call: 0800 226 2851

If you are considering installing an Alarm and/or Access Control System, come and talk to Cougar Security’s friendly staff where they will provide free advice, product information and a quote.
  • Give authority to who has accesses your property
  • Minimise risk of unauthorised access
  • Protect your employees
  • Reduce Theft
  • Electronic Logging and Reports
  • Eliminate Keys
  • Customised Schedules
  • Remote Access
  • Simple and effective way to enhance security

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. Contact us  today with the below form for a free consultation or phone 0800 226 2851

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