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Cougar Security strives to supply professional manned and electronic security services throughout New Zealand

We are very proud to acknowledge that we are an accredited Corporate Member of the New Zealand Security Association, and that we comply with the NZSA Codes of Practice(s), Rules and Bylaws.

All Cougar Security officers employed are licensed through the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority; ensuring you are provided with only the highest quality of protection on your premises.

On top of this certain security officers have been given advanced training in a range of fields currently being undertaken by Cougar Security.

Cougar Security recognises it’s moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment to it’s employees, clients, guests and visitors.

We are committed to continuously improving the health and safety throughout the organisation whilst being an active member of the Site Wise and Site Safe programs.

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Locally owned and
operated since 2005

Cougar Securities is a modern and innovative company with the specialised experience of all security operations to reach and exceed all of your expectations.

Ricky Campbell and Jamie Adams-Campbell
Company Directors

Our Vision

We are a team

At Cougar Security we believe in leading from the front. All our staff are fully trained and knowledgeable in their area of employment. Our management team and frontline staff operate as a team to provide an effective and efficient work please that provides exception service and product delivery. We encourage on going education and training programs and a view that our management team leaves from the front.

Business Relationships

We hope to build and nurture strong business relationships with our clients and suppliers. This gives us the ability to keep up with the new innovations and industry standards, allowing us to offer the most up to date options in our services and platforms to current and future clients.


Technology plays a huge part in the day to day operations at Cougar Security and the technology in our industry is always updating at ab exceptionally fast pace. By being open to new technologies, innovations and training, we can use this to our advantage in the services we offer and remain and industry leader in the delivery of current and future system technologies to our clients.

Health and Safety

Cougar Security recognises, its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment to its employees, clients, guests and visitors. This commitment extends to using industry best practice and standards to ensure that the organisations operations do not place the local community, staff, clients and any third-party contractors at risk of injury, illness or property damage. Cougar Security is committed to continuous improvement in health and safety throughout the organisation and is an active member of the Site Wise and Site programs.


  • NZ Security Association Corporate Member
  • Site Safe and Safety in Action
  • Site Wise – Green Clearance
  • Registered IQP – independent Qualified Personnel
  • NZQA Level 3 – Security Officers
  • NZQA Level 4 – Noise Control Officers
  • NZQA Level 4 – Animal Control Officers
  • NZQA Level 3 – Parking officers
  • First Aid Qualified
  • Aviations Security Clearance
  • Hikvision Certified
  • NZ Transport Authority – Level 1 Traffic Controller

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